Coffee Body Scrub - Cocoa



Exfoliate your skin with our invigorating Coffee Body Scrub with Cocoa to get a younger, smoother and refreshing feeling for your body. You’ll love the way it wakes up your mind and softens your skin as you breathe in the delicious scents of ground coffee and cocoa. Turn your shower into a spa treatment with the infusion of oils and natural extracts in this unique skin softening product. You’ll see the difference in your skin in just a few treatments, and you’ll love the way it feels.

Coffee Body Scrub with Cocoa combines ground coffee beans with sea salt, brown sugar, cocoa powder, and vitamin E to exfoliate and moisturize your skin naturally.

Nourishing natural ingredients + Exfoliation + Hydration= healthy, beautiful and cellulite free skin.

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Type: Coffee Scrub

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